Start a business in Portugal

Create, expand or move your company to Portugal

The time to give your company a new direction or a boost on an international level is now.

Connections Portugal provides you with everything you need to start, expand and establish your business in Portugal, with the comprehensive support of a Spanish-Portuguese team of professionals.


It is a plan created by and to accompany Spanish companies in their expansion into Portugal. It has been designed with the help of a team of professionals from different sectors with the aim of being the best promoters for your business.
“Portugal is a country full of opportunities”

Who it is for?

  • Companies or entrepreneurs who want to:
    • Expand their business
    • Live in Portugal
    • Move its entire organization
    • Business buying and selling processes
    • Create your company in Portugal


  • To support, help and accompany Spanish businessmen to expand in Portugal
  • Advisory services and positioning
  • Business management services
  • Search for a residence
  • Management of legal, tax and financial procedures
  • Life and housing relocation plans


  • We create your company in Portugal
  • Expansion of franchises to Portugal
  • Purchases and mergers in Portugal
  • Expansion and entrepreneurship in Portugal
  • Commercial developments and business positioning in Portugal
  • Tax bases and offices in Portugal

Ask for the information you need

It is more than likely that after the information you have received you will need us to clarify some basic aspects (and not so much) in order to be able to make a decision. We will be happy to provide you with the information you require.


Write to us. We are at your disposal with any doubt or suggestion you may have.